[OUT] Around The World 1st

Videos mit mehreren Spinnern, sowieso offiziell geplante und veröffentlichte Videos werden hier vorgestellt und diskutiert.
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[OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von blackmail »

After so much procrastination and unexpected events, i'm proud to present to you : Around The World 1st.


Not only does this collab unite boards from nearly every part of the world, it also allow people to get seen by the whole world.

Unfortunately, we can't have _every_ board, but just about (i think 3~4 small boards were forgotten, sorry guys, just would've been too long a video).

Well, i just hope you'll enjoy the collab, even though it's primary objective isn't technicity (even some are awesome tehcnically-wise), as i said, it's more of a moral point of view. Once more, the physical barriers between spinners are reduced, with a feeling of sharing .

So, here's the link !


See you :D

edit : woops , small mistake by katix , Mart is JEB, not KCF ;)
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Re: [OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von Alchi »

wow.... love this video! ... so nice.... :O
music etc.... just awesome!
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Re: [OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von Weatherman »

You've forgotten PSUK...that's the only board I can think of, that is not in the video. Good job!
I really liked the collab, all spinner were great :D

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Re: [OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von Minwoo »

That Video is so pimped XD
Editing was nice, but the music was a little bit too dramatically ...
The Spinning itself and the Idea of the Collab was / ist great ...
But i dunno get it why S777 is a special guest =O

@McDudel ... ich will mehr Clips von Dir sehen!!!

Nice Job! :bier:


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Re: [OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von Steffen »

I really liked it.
Many good spinners in it.
Editing and music were nice.

s777 should´ve been a normal participant, altough he´s very good.
Mart´s thumb movement at the beginning :shock: :lol:

Good work blackmail! :P

@Weatherman: I can think of some others :wink:
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Re: [OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von RustY »

Very goor job!!!
I really liked this Collab, although the music was a bit annoying.^^
But the Spinners were great and the Idea was really great too!!!
I hope there will be a second one, but i think so.

Ööööhm...Is was Doc?

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Re: [OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von blackmail »

Thanks guys :)

As for S777, he wasn't supposed to be in at first, and when he told me he had a combo lying around, i said i'd just use it, and so i told him about the collab :-) .

Nice to see you guys like it :D .

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Re: [OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von Alucard »

wtf s777... sick stuff over there but really nice vid!
<kris238> schnitzel > blowjob
<Dunn_Star> kommt auf die größe an^^
<Chriss____> von was
<Kazeem> von? :D
<Chriss____> xD
<Dunn_Star> vom schnitzel natürlich, was dachtet ihr denn *räusper*

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Re: [OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von gorgos »

really nice collab, this was one of just a few collabs I really liked ;)
good job blackmail :>

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Re: [OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von Steen-J »

Ja s777 war der beste!
Mir haben nur er und McDudelsaeck gefallen.
Editing fand ich cool!

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Re: [OUT] Around The World 1st

Beitrag von YoYo »

nice video^^