[International] Potential

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[International] Potential

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From Migs! - UPSB:

Calling all 2 year old spinners or younger, you are invited to join this Collaboration of Pen Spinning's New Generation! This collab aims to showcase the potential of the best young spinners all around the world!

How to join:
1.) Film a 10-20s combo and upload via Youtube or MediaFire.
2.) Email the link to: gile2800@gmail.com
Include in the email your years of experience and your PS Name
EDIT: Please include the board you are representing
3.) Type /in if you would like to join, it will be easier for me to keep track of spinners who will join and send reminders of the deadline.

Deadline: May 9, 2015

I encourage everyone to share on your boards, i hope a lot of young bloods will join this collab and showcase their true potential!

Note: there will be filtering, so do your best! :)

http://upsb.info/xforum/index.php?threa ... ntial.780/