Jazz Collab

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Chozo Tull
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Jazz Collab

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Oh Hai GPC :3

This is Chozo from FPSB. I come bearing gifts o/

Well, not exactly gifts, but a project nonetheless. Recently, i've heard a lot of "oh this music will not fit the combos" or "we have to wait for the videos to choose an appropriate BGM". So I thought, what if the spinners already knew what was going to be the song they would spin on ?

So this is the idea : I want to do a collab on this piece, Blue in Green by Miles Davis. In a jazz spirit, combos should be FSs, but not random first tries if you please :3 just film yourself with the music and see if you can bring together your style and the track's style.
I hope to get enough combos so that ill have to filter and make the best collab out of what you guys gave me :D

Thanks :D

Combos by mp either here or on upsb or on FPSB, through any site you want ^^